Ocean Industry

The ocean economy attracts some of the smartest people in the world.

Shouldn’t its technology be as smart as the people who use it? 

Join the 100+ companies who have worked with us to explore the opportunities of AI. By leveraging technology and research, your company can more easily use data to make decisions, optimize operations, and create new products, processes or services.

Project Areas 

Neural Networks


Speech and Text

Goal-Driven Systems 

Machine Vision

Planning Schedule Optimization





Machine Learning

Our approach 

Project Approach

We work with companies with varying levels of data maturity. Whatever your current situation, every DeepSense project is customized to align with your unique business strategies and goals.

Strategic Design

Determine fit for Artificial Intelligence and machine learning

Complete Artificial Intelligence/machine learning canvas to determine target predictions, learning required and method for evaluating success. Create clearly defined and measurable objectives.


Data review and discovery to ensure data quality, quantity and appropriateness for project. Perform exploratory analysis to find patterns and relationships through data queries, data visualization, data mining and statistics.


Identify algorithms for experimentation. Run experiments to develop a model using historical data. Contribute to the development of a proof of concept or viable code to optimize a process, product or operations.

Tools to get you started

DeepSense Maturity Map

When to use
Companies can map the support available from DeepSense based on their current data maturity.

DeepSense AI Project Prioritization Matrix Template

When to use 
This is a high level example to help explore and prioritize data projects. Like any kind of capital investment or time-focused effort, all need to be ranked and prioritized against each other.

Project Prioritization Template

When to use
This template helps evaluate individual AI and machine learning projects to establish clear priorities. Ideally criteria is adjusted to align with organizational priorities and measures.

AI/Machine Learning Model Canvas

When to use
Once priority projects are identified, this canvas will help the team align objectives, data, Engage a range of contributors with focus on domain expertise.

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