About Us

The global ocean economy is growing. In Nova Scotia alone, ocean-related activity generates $5 billion in revenue and 14% of provincial employment with ocean industries and university-based expertise thriving, and this is set to double in the next 15 years.

Data is everywhere. The analysis of this data is what should be driving business growth. 

Canadian industry struggles to capture its global share of the ocean opportunity without data-driven insight to integrate and leverage new technologies, and make better-informed business decisions - an issue DeepSense is built to tackle.

DeepSense is:

  • A platform for industry to do applied R&D in analytics and the ocean economy with university experts, graduate students, postdocs and applied research scientists, and professional software engineers in a very cost-effective setting.
  • An innovation environment that brings together industry with data and ocean scientists to develop commercially-useful predictive models, analytical prototypes, and applications for use in the blue economy.
  • An engine to help accelerate the development of a new industry sector focused on the creation of ocean data products, computational models, and analytical applications.
  • A collaborative model/process for supporting ground-breaking applied industry/university projects, drawing on ocean science, data science and analytics, to accelerate the safe and sustainable development of the blue economy in areas including fisheries & aquaculture, seaport & logistics, and security & defense.

Delivered by partners with a global reputation and proven track record in the sector, DeepSense supports industry in seizing sustainable growth opportunities in the global ocean economy. Headquartered at Dalhousie's Faculty of Computer Science, established DeepSense partners include: