Growing the ocean economy through artificial intelligence and machine learning

Be part of a data-driven future

We support cost-effective student-led exploratory AI and machine learning. 

DeepSense unites the next generation of AI and machine learning experts with companies that want to harness the potential of data and lead the smarter ocean economy. By leveraging technology and research, companies can more easily use data to make decisions, optimize operations, and create new products, processes or services. All with low cost and low risk.

Our Impact


Ocean sector companies driving digital adoption with AI and machine to grow and be more competitive


Developed awareness and understanding of AI and machine learning ocean use cases


Associations, economic and funding partners are learning how data, AI and machine learning are critical to economic success


Students trained in Ocean
Data Science and AI

Our Support

AI and Oceans Expertise

DeepSense can create a roadmap for any ocean sector business that wants to do more with their data. Work with leaders in AI, machine learning and applied ocean research to develop commercially useful applications.

Cloud Infrastructure

Benefit from our unlimited cloud storage and leading-edge cloud GPU/CPU computing resources and experience, well-suited for complex data analysis and large scale machine/deep learning models.

Secure Software

Access secure and private open-source software with a range of applications to test Artificial Intelligence projects.

DeepSense Team

What Our Partners Say

“DeepSense is augmenting the success of the ocean sector by helping companies understand how to use AI and machine learning to grow.”

Jim Hanlon

Retired CEO, Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE)

“Working with DeepSense, we developed a tool to rapidly process complex hydroacoustic data required for monitoring the environmental effects of tidal energy turbines on fish in the Bay of Fundy. This innovative tool will assist in advancing the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) industry in Canada by delivering monitoring results to regulators more quickly, but also has implications for environmental monitoring of MRE devices globally.”

Daniel J. Hasselman

Science Director, FORCE

Our Project Partners

Our Partners

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