Discovery Sessions

DeepSense Discovery Sessions provide students from any academic institution with an interest in data science and the ocean sector the opportunity to learn more about the ocean economy, ocean data, participate in challenges presented by ocean-related companies, and explore the potential of a career in ocean data. Anyone is welcome to attend any and all DeepSense sessions live or catch them on YouTube at

Industry Spotlight with OnDeck Fisheries AI

Explore AI-powered fishery monitoring with Alexander Dungate, co-founder of OnDeck Fisheries AI Inc. Discover their innovative technology and its impact on the fishing industry.

Machine Learning with Twitter Data

Sharpen your data cleaning and natural language processing skills with this beginner’s virtual workshop lead by Keshava Pallavi Gone!

Discovering Maritime Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity in maritime has a huge potential to impact the safety of the crew, vessel, cargo, and even ports. Cybersecurity intern Alyssa discusses with us the past, present, and future of maritime cybersecurity and what opportunities there are in this field for recent grads.

Building a Usable Dataset of Images for AI

Amit shares his insights on building a robust image dataset for AI training, exploring repositories and offering lessons and ideas for successful computer vision projects.

The World Is Changing - Learn and Adapt With IBM

Rick Power is an Innovation Executive with IBM, where he has spent his entire, 35-year career at the leading edge of technology, from mainframes to PCs, from the rise of the Internet to cloud computing and artificial intelligence.

Resume, Interviews, and Employment Opportunities with IBM

Andrea Murray, New Grad Talent Acquisition Partner for Early Professionals at IBM, will prepare you for the next step in your career. You will learn how best to position yourself when applying for a new job, co-op or internship.

Scrum and Agile 101


Bhavna Raviprasad, Software Developer / IT Specialist at IBM, has recently completed Scrum Master training. During this session, she will provide a hands-on explanation of Scrum and why this method is helpful for all teams.

Unlocking the Potential of Machine Learning, With IBM

This talk will present work being done in IBM Research to combine physics and machine learning to enhance trust in AI.  Applications to air pollution forecasting and ocean wave modelling are presented

Using Machine Learning to Protect Salmon (At-Risk Species)

Dr. Tony Kess explains why DFO has been exploring the genetic basis of salmon life history, and describes how understanding variation in this adaptive genetic variation can support the management and potential restoration of this critical species.

Accelerating AI Project Development

Learn how High-Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructure accelerates AI model training with huge datasets.

Introduction to Version Control Tool “GitHub”

Learn how to develop projects using GitHub as a source code management tool and track changes of a working project from anywhere. 

Business Considerations to Use Cloud

One of the areas we spend time exploring with companies is how to store data and make it accessible for the future. It is a confusing topic but DeepSense Infrastructure Specialist, Dr. Lu Yang, is here to help. 

Data Readiness Project (Internship/Co-op)

A student’s experience in completing a data project in a new field with a new company. NSCC student Cheolsoon Im to hear about his experiences in completing a summer internship building a searchable database with unknown data in an unfamiliar field.

Using Email to Help Solve Data Problems

Data science is more than data and algorithms. Learn how to craft clear, concise email messages to get the information you need!

Beyond the Laptop with AI Projects

Hear all about what happens when your laptop isn’t enough for an AI project with DeepSense Alumni Jesuseyi Will Fasuyi, and DeepSense ED, Jennifer LaPlante.

Smart Buoy Project

Chris Whidden, PhD, DeepSense algorithms and software specialist, will guide an overview of the design and execution of a DeepSense project: Smart Atlantic Buoy – Employing machine learning algorithms to predict wave and wind values on the Smart Atlantic Buoy.

Canadian Integrated Ocean Observing System (CIOOS)

CIOOS explains how we all benefit from the data and expertise to bring together efforts to better understand, monitor and manage activities in Canada’s oceans.

Automatic Identification System (AIS) Data

This informative session led by Casey Hilliard, Data Manager, about AIS data, the ship tracking system. Hear how AIS data has been used to support vessel transportation, some challenges in using AIS data and potential uses of AIS data.


Sedna is at the forefront of unleashing the power of data and technology within the commercial fishing industry to maximize the return on harvesting such resources for a better and more sustainable world.

Port of Halifax

Join us to hear from Andrew Black, Director Strategic Technology at the Port of Halifax. Andrew will speak to the port’s commitment to data transparency through the Port Operations Centre. 


Hear about ReelData’s path, where they are headed, and the challenges they face including collecting data and helping others see the opportunities they have identified.

Data Management for Data Projects

A practical data management talk about lessons learned from past AI projects with DeepSense Data Manager, Jason Newport.

Choosing the Right Algorithm


Geetika Bhatia, the DeepSense Algorithm & Software Specialist guides you through machine learning and deep learning models.


DeepSense supports collaborative projects between businesses in the ocean economy and researchers to drive growth in the ocean supply chain through the exploration and use of AI, machine learning and data visualizations.

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