Who We Are

DeepSense supports cost effective collaborative projects between academic researchers and businesses in the ocean economy to drive innovation, commercialization, job creation and economic growth through making better use of data.

Our goal is to create a new generation of data scientists that see the value and potential of ocean data, providing support to a broad range of faculties and areas of study.

Headquartered at Dalhousie University, the DeepSense innovation environment enables ocean related companies to connect with data and ocean scientists to leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in developing commercially useful predictive models, analytical prototypes, and applications for use in the ocean economy.

DeepSense gives ocean related companies and researchers access to:

  • Data Science and Ocean Experts – work with leaders in AI, Machine Learning and applied ocean research, alongside skilled Computer Science MCSc and PhD students
  • Dedicated Infrastructure – benefit from high performance GPU and CPU computing
  • Open Source Software – use of a range of applications to test AI projects without license commitments
  • Local Storage – on-site, local petabyte scale storage
  • Data Security and Privacy – secure and private software with all data stored in Canada

Delivered by partners with a global reputation, DeepSense is supported by IBM, Dalhousie University, the Province of Nova Scotia, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency, the Ocean Frontier Institute, and the Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship.

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