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Before you submit your application to our student pool, make sure your resume is in ship shape! Check out these resume tips:

  • Stick to a maximum of 2 pages.
  • It isn’t necessary to include a summary or bio in your resume. Most people will not read it or it will sound similar to others. Resumes should be concise and important information should be the focus. Save that information for a cover letter.
  • Relevant academic experience is better than irrelevant work experience in most cases. Write about projects as if they were work experience and indicate the course they were completed for.
  • Many students from the same class include the exact same projects on their resume. To stand out, personal projects can be a good addition.
  • Formatting key words such as technologies and frameworks as bold in your work and academic experience sections are great ways to quickly show the reader your competencies.
  • When speaking of your experience, elaborate on what you did and used to accomplish your goals. For example, “To predict the proxy-buoy’s significant wave height, several models were tested in Amazon SageMaker (CNN, LSTM, Random Forest, Linear Regression). Random Forest was chosen as the most practical balance between its high accuracy of 92% and relatively fast performance.

Still need some help with your resume? Click below for examples. 

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Glas Ocean Electric (GOE) is committed to scaling the impact and benefits associated with introducing cleaner energy to coastal waters. Through our electric boat kits used to convert existing and new boats to electric propulsion, we are poised to displace millions of tonnes of CO2 by 2030. Additionally, we strive to reduce emissions and optimize vessel efficiency through our PerforMarine device. GOE works hard to ensure the solutions provided are both technically and financially viable. 

Marine Engineering

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Pairing Meteorological and Power Data for Marine Hybrid Electric Boats