DeepSense X SURGE Industry Mentorship Program

Dive deeper & grow your professional network. Are you interested in being a …

How are we redefining mentorship?

Our Flash Mentorship model is based on one-time mentoring connections between mentors and mentees building their skills. The model encourages mentees to engage with mentors in one or a few relevant, industry-specific conversations. 
The program offers mentees the opportunity for professional development, overcoming career challenges and navigating career ambiguity. 


Support your colleagues of the future!

We are seeking passionate professionals in the ocean-tech industry to mentor up-and-coming students in the field. Our flash mentorship model encourages you to engage with many mentees in one or a few industry-specific conversations to share insights and give advice. Volunteer some time to connect with a student and support your community!


Grow your network!

We are seeking undergraduate and graduate students in STEM interested in learning about and connecting with the ocean-tech industry. Grow your network and gain valuable insights by engaging with industry professionals in the sector. Join our community!

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