Why GitHub is important to know?

GitHub is a code hosting platform that helps programmers and developers to keep their files at remote repositories and could work together on the same project from any location. It is a critical interesting concept to know for those who want to pursue their career in IT industry or who already are in IT whether they are programmers, developers, testers or data scientists.  

 GitHub provides the following features: 

  • Version Control 
  • Fixing bugs 
  • Help in retaining the old code 
  • Collaboration 
  • Share your project with wide community of programmers. 
  • They can alert you to possible issues, such as conflicts or unforeseen dependency issues and even propose possible solutions to problems. 
  • Helps the other programmers to reuse your code in their projects 
  • Track changes 
  • Programmers can easily and quickly identify changes a collaborator made by looking back in time.  
  • Benefits open source code 
  • Open-source code helps the programmer to respond more quickly to market demandsGitHub provides a community where programmers are constantly working on open-source code to solve problems and making solutions available to the public. 
  • Provides good integration 
  • From apps that connect GitHub to your Amazon and Google Cloud accounts, to project management tools, the platform provides a huge choice of integrations for code review automation, continuous integration, code performance and error monitoring, and task management. 

How it works? 

GitHub repository is the central remote location where programmers can store their files or entire project which latter can be used by anyone on their local machine by downloading the files or by using the clone feature of GitHub. Every time changes are made to files local on your machine, the remote version of those files will also get updated using commit and push feature of GitHub. If you want to rollback, you can do so before the execution of commit.  

The concept of fork is helpful in creating the copy of the repositories created by other programmers in your account so that you can use or make changes without affecting the original project. Users can synchronize the local file to remote file using GitHub Desktop or by initiating git on Terminal.  

The concept of branching in GitHub is very help for version control. Users can create a new branch under main branch and create a temporary copy of the file and make changes to it without fear of losing anything. Once the changes get approved by all the members in the team who can review changes you have made, that branch will merge into the main branch using the merge pull request feature. 

Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_kKFzzfb0bU&list=PL1DOIXcOENWk_sPbP2Sfo_xTeHCsgvL1X&index=13

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