Asal Jalilvand

My name is Asal (reads like æsæl). I’m currently a graduate student at Dalhousie University, and whenever I’m not busy with the courses and thesis, I like to listen to music and audiobooks, and watch movies! I earned my bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering at Shahid Beheshti University in Tehran, Iran. I worked for a while as a Java software programmer after that, before pursuing graduate studies in Computer Science at Dal. I wish to learn and gain experience with Machine Learning and Visual Analytics here at Dal, and hopefully pursue a career in these fields.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University

Halifax International Airport Authority

Areas of Interest
Machine Learning & Visual Analytics

“I’ve always fancied the idea of contributing to something beneficial that can truly make a positive change (in science, society or environment). DeepSense helped me understand there are quite a lot of opportunities where I can use what I’m passionate about, computer science, while contributing to important matters such as energy conservation, identifying endangered aquatic animals, detecting illegal fishing, and such. Before, I had a stereotypical perspective that the ocean sector is only a place for marine biologists, but now I see that even I could help a bit with the skills I have (and hopefully improve) in programming and machine learning. So, I would definitely consider a career in this field in the future.”

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