Emma Fudge

I am in my final year of mechanical engineering at Dalhousie University, and completed my first two years (Engineering Diploma) at St.FX. I have completed various work terms with J.D. Irving Ltd., Nova Scotia Power, and COVE working in maintenance, asset management, and project management. I have taken courses covering a wide variety of topics such as material science, numerical methods, dynamics, bioprocess engineering, and renewable energy resources. Throughout the past few years I have joined groups such as the Dalhousie Undergraduate Engineering Society, the Mechanical Engineering Society, GoEngGirl, and have been involved in orientation planning, peer mentoring, and tutoring. I have always been aware of the ocean sector as a potential career option by nature of where I grew up. My family lives in southern NB, in an area where there is a lot of traditional ocean sector employment, and I have family who have worked in various ocean related fields.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering

COVE (Centre for Ocean Ventures & Entrepreneurship) 

“Working with DeepSense and the other interns that were on the project, I broadened my understanding of the uses of data and AI, specifically becoming familiar with applications in the ocean sector. I also learned more about marketing, design, and engaging with clients. I was exposed to new tools and ways of thinking because I was working alongside teammates outside of a typical engineering role. From this experience, I realized that the ocean sector is much broader than it may seem. There is truly a place for everyone in the ocean sector because you can work any type of position within an ocean sector company.”

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