R. Faerie Mattins

I’m currently pursuing my final year of undergraduate studies in Vellore Institute of Technology, India. I have come to Dalhousie University as a visiting researcher. I have a good knowledge in coding and programming as it piques my interest. One of my greatest assets is that I am extremely organized and punctual. I'm highly analytical, diligent, and a team player.

Academic Institution
Vellore Institute of Technology, India

Research Program

Areas of Interest
Computer vision, deep learning, internet of things

“I’m working on a Fish detection project where I implement multiple object detection models such as YoloV4, YoloV5, YoloR and YoloV7 and see which model gives the best results. It sure was an exciting research topic from the start since there are thousands of different species of fish across the ocean. Hence, for the betterment of the fish, it is important to look after their species without causing harm. By using multiple object detection models on the open source fish database, it gave me a clear understanding on how things work.”

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