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Scient Analytics Inc.

Scient’s mission is to minimize the human footprint during natural resources exploration, development, and monitoring. Scient facilitates non-invasive characterization of terrestrial and marine environments using non-destructive imagery techniques. To achieve this, Scient integrates supervised learning and multimodality imaging to characterize species, sediments, and minerals. Scient’s vision is to minimize impacts of resource exploration and monitoring of fragile landscapes and seascapes and to capture greater value and return on investment throughout our data pipeline. Our products use trained models to assess size, shape, and various characteristics about crustaceans and other sea life that pass across our conveyor systems. This data is continually evolving and improving the analysis algorithms used in real time at sea.

Scient offers data conditioning, automated labeling, and classification of targets from the surrounding background as a service. AI plays a central role in our solution for data acquisition, processing, and analytics, which allow for consistent and objective results. Scient uses supervised learning and semantic segmentation techniques to characterize spatial trends captured in hyperspectral images to identify target features, such as subtidal species, sediments, and minerals. 

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Natural Resource Exploration


Automatic detection and classification of marine biogenic habitats, species and substrates 

“Canada is home to 243 000 kilometers of coastline. With this gift comes a great responsibility to preserve the natural environments that Canadians rely on for food, medicine, joy, and protection. At Scient, we value the ecosystem services and natural beauty of the ocean and are dedicated to sustaining our ocean playground for future generations.

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