Sayeh Sarkarhosseini

I’m pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science at Dalhousie University and I’ve completed my Bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics. In today’s data-driven world where machine learning and data science have become one of the most desirable career options and owing to my strong math and statistics background, I became interested in these fields. Motivated by the hope of becoming a Data Scientist, I took several courses such as Machine Learning, Data Mining, Visual Analytics, and Advanced Artificial Intelligence. I aim to apply my knowledge to a real-world problem, to accumulate more experience that provides a groundwork for my future career in data science.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University

Project Type
Data Analysis

Areas of Interest
Data Science & Machine Learning

“Due to the abundance and complexity of the ocean data, it seems challenging to interpret and work with this data. Thanks to DeepSense, I learned different techniques to deal with several problems in ocean science. In the face of potential challenges, I am full of determination and optimism to work in the ocean sector after my graduation.”

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