Day: September 23, 2019

BLOG: Introducing our Executive Director

A drive to see Atlantic Canada succeed in the ocean’s sector combined with a desire to help companies use their data to grow, places Jennifer LaPlante in good standing to oversee DeepSense as Executive Director. “DeepSense really brings this together,” says LaPlante. “I’m looking forward to helping companies in this space with their decision making.”

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How wired mussels are predicting toxic algae

A project led by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, Cooke Seafood and Dalhousie University is using sophisticated sensors to convert a mussel’s distinctive behaviour when exposed to stressors into an early detector of toxic algae. This is one of the first projects DeepSense, will work on. Read the full story at CBC News.

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“Big data meets big ocean research”: Government of Canada launches Dal-led big ocean data innovation environment, DeepSense

The Government of Canada has officially launched DeepSense, the Dalhousie-based world-class big ocean data innovation environment. DeepSense is a unique ocean research partnership between industry, academia and government that will enable companies to benefit from technology solutions that will solve real-world ocean related data challenges to help them make sustainable and better-informed commercial decisions. World-class

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