Aakash Patel

My name is Aakash Patel and I am pursuing a master's at Dalhousie University in computer science. I am passionately curious in pursuing experience in learning new frontiers and exploring cutting edge state of the art technologies. The world is currently set for a major revolution for next generation AI and analytics which I look to be a part of and contribute towards.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University

Sedna Technologies Inc.

Area of Interest
Computer Science

“Prior to this term, I never had thought of working for an ocean sector domain due to near zero knowledge of the working of the sector. To my surprise, its way bigger in worth and has many opportunities unknown to the wide public. It’s still being operationalized with old practices and conventional ways of doing things, but has been on the road of technological boom and has a long way to go in that direction. In total, there lies a huge scope of professional growth and should definitely be a go-to option for a lot of future career seekers.”

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