Almasfiza Anwar Hussain Shaikh

I am an international graduate student from Mumbai, India. I received my undergraduate degree in Engineering in Information Technology. I have always been excited about technology and how it can make an impact on every domain out there. I am currently pursuing my masters in computer science. I am interested in front-end web development and design. I enjoy working on design elements for software and seeing what potential applications look like. In my free time, I like watching movies and going on long walks.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University


DeepSense (STEM Connector Program)

Areas of Interest
Front-end development, user design, and experience.

” I was never really brought up with emphasis on mentor and mentee relationships. After joining this role, I realized how important it is to have a mentor in your life who can guide you and help you navigate the path you have chosen for yourself. It is also okay to not know where you want to go but getting to know different people and network with them will help you know what you want. And it is also okay to change your path if you feel like it is not for you. “

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