Amous(Ziyu) Qiu

I came to Canada from China in 2018 to pursue a bachelor’s degree in computer science at Dalhousie University, and am now enrolled in the PhD program. I enjoy using machine learning methods to solve problems and create new interesting stuff. Beside AI, I like doing sports(soccer, running, Brazilian jiu-jitsu) and playing music(piano, melodica, ukulele). Over the years, my dream job has evolved from being an athlete to a pianist and now, an AI scientist.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University


Areas of Interest
Artificial Intelligence

“Before I started this project, the only thing I knew about mussels is that they are delicious when cooked with garlic and white wine. Now I have learned that analyst can learn valuable information from marine life. There is a bright future for AI and marine biology combination. I can’t wait to see what this project would lead us to. I hope to continue gaining skillsets in both computer vision and marine biology. “

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