Amruth Sagar Kuppili

My name is Amruth and I’m a full-time research student at Dalhousie University, enrolled in the Master's of Computer Science Thesis program. From as early as 7th Grade, I was exposed to gaming consoles and home appliances that could be controlled by gestures, and that was nothing short of revolutionary; with each passing day, my adoration for computer applications developed.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University

COVE and Port of Halifax

Areas of Interest
Computer science & predictive analytics

“I initially had minimal knowledge on machine learning, especially its application on oceans. As part of doing research with DeepSense, I have had the opportunity to read academic articles on different predictive models focused on aquatic life. This opportunity helped me develop my expertise in machine learning technology and led me to undertake a thesis on predictive analytics.”

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