Author: Geetika Bhatia

BLOG: Deep Learning Frameworks

Keras is an open-source framework that provides high level APIs for large machine learning applications such as neural networks. These APIs can run on top of the backend engines such as TensorFlow, CNTK (Cognitive Toolkit), Theano, MXNet and PlaidML. Its simple and easy-to-use architecture facilitates fast development of models. It is most suitable for Rapid

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BLOG: Why GitHub is important to know?

GitHub is a code hosting platform that helps programmers and developers to keep their files at remote repositories and could work together on the same project from any location. It is a critical interesting concept to know for those who want to pursue their career in IT industry or who already are in IT whether they are programmers, developers, testers or data scientists.    GitHub provides the following features:  Version Control 

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BLOG: Choosing the right algorithm

Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps a computer to mimic humans with the help of Machine Learning (ML) algorithms. ML is the branch of AI that enables the machine to make predictions or classifications based on the data it has been trained on. Deep learning (DL) is the subset of machine learning that uses neural networks, works

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