Author: Jason Newport

BLOG: Creating a Data Dictionary

A crucial step in data management is the creation of a data dictionary.  In general, a data dictionary is a central location where information about data is stored.  This can be defined quite formally, but its implementation doesn’t need to be.  Really, you just want a place to store information for future users of data.   

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BLOG: What does my data need to look like to do AI/ML?

Do you have data, but are unsure if it is suitable for AI/ML?  There are many different types of data, but they generally boil down to a few categories.  Typically, your data will be: numerical categorical time series text Numerical Numerical data can also be called quantitative. It can be a continuous variable, like temperature

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BLOG: How much data do I need for AI/Machine Learning?

We are often asked how much data one needs when using artificial intelligence/machine learning techniques. Unfortunately, there is no simple answer. It will depend highly on what type of data you have, and what methods you are employing.  Is it possible to have too little data? Yes, but there can be some easy fixes. The

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