Brigitta (Eruige) Zhao

Born and raised in China, Brigitta initially pursued a Bachelor's degree in English before relocating to the United States to obtain a Bachelor's in Fine Arts and a subsequent Master's in Arts. This academic trajectory sparked Brigitta's vision to combine storytelling and visual art. Engaging with research-oriented peers during years of academia prompted Brigitta's curiosity about the potential of data art in captivating a wider audience's interest in scientific research.

Academic Institution
Master of Fine Arts, NSCAD University


Areas of Interest
Data Art, Communication, Scientific Research Branding

“I worked with data from DeepSense and their partner companies to create unique data visualizations. This experience allowed me to comprehend the significance of the research, enabling me to consider how to convey messages and explore artistic representation.

Atlantic Canada‚Äôs ocean sector is vast and filled with meaningful and innovative research. Experience with DeepSense provided unparalleled insights into ocean research and the industry.”

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