Daniel Idemudia

I am from Nigeria and am currently in the Master of Digital Innovation program. I chose this degree because I am passionate about the applications of technology in business. I am interested in improving human-computer interaction with extended reality technologies (AR, VR & MR). I enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting new people. In my spare time, I like to learn new things and catch up with my favorite shows and music.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University

Bluenode Inc.

Areas of Interest
Improving human-computer interaction with extended reality technologies (AR, VR & MR)

“The ocean sector is well-known for its influence on international trade. However, my experience with Bluenode and exposure to other companies at The PIER has shown me various applications of technology in the marine industry. One of the highlights is the ability to communicate and collaborate with a diverse group of people from various backgrounds and nationality with respect. The role underscores the benefits of continuous learning because there are many skills that aren’t taught in school. It is important to use the internet to acquire knowledge and become proficient in your field.

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