devi ayyagari

I was born in a rural village in South India and spent most of my schooling years in a coastal town. I am passionate about engaging with the community, spending time in nature through activities such as hiking and camping, and hope to learn how to grow fruits and vegetables in the future. My interest in technology stems from the ability of computers to solve complex problems at a rapid pace, which still amazes me to this day. 

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University


Areas of Interest
Machine learning, Ocean marine systems, Object detection/classification, and Climate change 

“As someone new to the ocean sector, I was pleasantly surprised to discover how easily my skills contributed to this project. This work has broadened my perspective on how software systems can assist with various issues in the ocean sector, and has made me more aware of the potential for a fulfilling career in this field. I would advise others to consider exploring the ocean sector as a promising career path.”

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