Dhruv Patel

Dhruv has almost completed his master’s degree in applied computer science. Hailing from India, he is interested in entrepreneurship and technology and believes innovation is the impulse behind positive change. As an emerging author and a plant parent, Dhruv is looking for ways to solve problems and working for a better, sustainable, and optimistic future for future generations. He is fueled by a passion for leading teams and pursuing impactful, real-world ideas.

Academic Institution
Master of Applied Computer Science, Dalhousie University


Area of Interest
Time-series datasets, Genetic Algorithms, Entrepreneurship

“My internship with DeepSense significantly enhanced my expertise in Machine Learning and Data Science, covering everything from exploratory data analysis to merging time-stamp datasets. Working on real-time data and a new type of problem—time-series regression—provided valuable hands-on experience. My goal is to conclude the internship with extensive proficiency in handling real-time datasets. Engaging with PIER members has greatly improved my networking skills and provided insights into various business strategies and innovative ideas.”

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