Div Saini

I have a bachelor’s in Computer Science from Michigan, with a minor in Creative Writing. I then decided to go to Cape Breton University where I just finished my business analytics program. I have worked variously as a research assistant in a physics lab, tech consultant/support for the University, CS tutor, and a software developer at a textile export house. I am originally from North India and like to spend some of my spare time reading and hiking. I also love to travel, and have been to 51/63 of American and Canadian states/provinces.

Academic Institution Cape Breton University 

Landing Zones Canada

Areas of Interest
Complex Systems, Evolutionary Learning with Genetic Algorithms

“Before this experience, I was unaware of the intricate challenges and uncertainties involved in developing products that interact with or forecast natural phenomena. I’ve realized that my skills in data analysis, programming, and problem-solving are highly transferable and valuable in addressing these complex issues. I would advise others to explore the ocean sector, as it is bigger than you imagine and comes with the potential to make a meaningful impact on environmental preservation and sustainability while applying your skills to solve novel problems.

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