Hita Swamy

I am Hita Swamy and I am from India. Interdisciplinary studies has always amused me and I have a thirst to learn more on how one can relate data science to different domains. I also enjoy swimming, playing tennis, singing and painting. I am currently pursuing a Master’s of E-Commerce, which is an interdisciplinary course of computer science, management, and law. Before beginning my master’s, I used to work as a software developer back in my country where I also received my undergraduate degree in computer science.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University

LeeWay Marine

Areas of Interest
Software development

“To my better knowledge, I was mainly under the impression that a computer science graduate would work as a developer or tester roles in IT companies. The Data Analytics Readiness program showed me how a person without any knowledge of the sector can effectively work and carry their skills forward. This has been the best experience I’ve had, and is an opportunity like no other.”

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