Jixuan Zhao

I completed the Master of Digital Innovation program at Dalhousie University. I grew up in Shandong province in China, and throughout my upbringing, I developed interests in cultures, languages, and technology. Maintaining an open-minded approach to new experiences has been a constant theme in my life. It's fascinating to observe how digitalization accelerates information transfer, propelling social development. I appreciate that my program gives me the chance to participate in this transformative process. While at Dal, I engaged in courses on Web Technologies, where I cultivated an understanding of web coding languages. Additionally, I enrolled in a Content Management Systems course, establishing the foundation for proficiency in content management platforms. Moreover, courses such as Digital Transformation honed my innovative thinking, and the Data Mining course familiarized me with essential computer science principles. The Project Management course equipped me with the expertise necessary to efficiently oversee projects.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University

STEM Connector – DeepSense

Areas of Interest
Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, Web Design

DeepSense has provided valuable insights into the marine sector, not only due to its location in an office surrounded by multiple companies in the ocean sector but also through opportunities to attend conferences. I’ve gained diverse knowledge, covering areas such as bioinformatics and various marine species. I’ve also learned about the significance of collecting data from everywhere – underwater, wind, and space – and how valuable this information is. These experiences shape my exposure to the ocean sector, greatly enriching my understanding and inspiring me to delve even further into it. “

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