Mahak Agrawal

I am an international student and currently doing my bachelor’s in Health Promotion. I am interested in working with the government in research and improving the health policies to benefit the public. I have developed essential skills such as effective management, networking, and social media management. Additionally, by managing events as a STEM Connector lead, I have significantly improved my public speaking skills and gained valuable expertise in precision and attention to detail. In my spare time I enjoy reading books. My current favorite book is Atomic Habits.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University


Areas of Interest
Harm reduction and improving healthcare methods in Canada. 

At first, I thought mentorship was a long-term thing but after hearing about STEM Connector, I got to know that Flash Mentorship also exists. I am a Health student so didn’t network with a lot of people, but I am glad that I was able to learn more about mentorship and network with people from all kinds of different backgrounds. I was glad that I was able to help people network and let them meet some good mentors along the way.”

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