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Matthew O'Hara

I’m in my final year of a B.Sc. at Acadia, majoring in Computer Science. I have a previous degree and a career in life sciences research and I enjoyed incorporating automation and algorithmic power into the data collection and analysis routine. I enjoy programming and data analytics, and in particular using AI and machine learning to solve problems and to uncover the hidden value in datasets generated by companies and researchers. I also enjoy playing guitar, cooking, rowing, snorkeling and diving.

Academic Institution
Acadia University


Areas of Interest
Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Bioinformatics, and Chemoinformatics.

“In this role I’ve gained experience managing the data architecture and software development for this project. I’ve helped to create a data inventory, gathered and analyzed project requirements, designed and tested prototypes and worked in an iterative and incremental development cycle. At the completion of the project I hope Katal will have a useful tool that supports their data-driven decision making, and helps to communicate to stakeholders the specific benefits of their products.”

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