Maya Nowlan

My name is Maya Nowlan, and I am a third-year student at MSVU studying public relations and communications. Prior to attending MSVU, I completed my first year of university at the University of Toronto in Life Sciences. As a student in high school, I was passionate about biology and imagined I would become a scientist later in life, but I realized that this was no longer the course I wanted to take. While this decision was difficult to make, it lead me to my current program, in which I couldn’t be happier! Having been born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, I have a love for the outdoors and love to hike and explore.

Academic Institution
Mount St Vincent University

Centre for Ocean Ventures and Entrepreneurship (COVE)

Areas of Interest
Science Communications & Creative Campaign Development

“As a team of three interns from diverse academic backgrounds, we learned the essentials of collaboration and how to come forward with each of our strengths to design and carry through a project. This has been an invaluable experience which has greatly prepared me for future challenges to come.”

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