Mayank anand

My journey began in my parents backyard in Rohtak, Haryana, India as a curious 12-year-old kid conducting science experiments. This fascination grew when I presented my 'Laminar Flow' project to former President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Azad. His words to me became engraved in my mind: ‘Kid, science will give you wings to explore the world.’ This passion led me to discover various programming languages during my high school years, leading me to pursue my Masters in Computer Science, with a focus on Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University

Biological Sciences Lab        University of New Brunswick 

Areas of Interest
Computer Vision, Natural language processing, and Generative Modeling. 

After working on this project, I have come to realize the significant potential of the data generated within the ocean sector. This experience has sparked various ideas in my mind, ranging from predicting future sea levels to identifying human activities that have the greatest impact on marine life. I hope others can recognize the value of harnessing ocean data for the betterment of our environment and society.”

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