Rutvik Joshi

I'm currently pursuing my Masters in Applied Computer Science at Dalhousie University. I seek to create and consume experiences in every possible way I can. I am currently doing so with data, design and a blend of analytics. I've immersed myself in diverse roles, from advising web3 projects as an ecosystem marketing manager to accelerating social media engagement as a marketing analyst at polygon labs to working as a freelance UI/UX designer to participating in a lot of international hackathons and mentoring in a few.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University

Rimot (BlueGrid)

Areas of Interest
Blockchains, Quantum Computing, Computational Biology and Behavioral Psychology

Working with vessel metrics and contributing to the development of BlueGrid has given me a unique perspective on the ocean sector. I’ve realized the immense potential of technology and data-driven solutions in transforming marine transportation and promoting sustainability. This experience, along with passionate people at Rimot, reinforced my belief that data analysis can drive positive change.”

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