Shakuntala Khatri

Hi, I am Shakuntala Khatri, pursuing my Master's of e-Commerce at Dalhousie University in 2019, which is unique blend of technology, business and legal aspects of an E-commerce business. I've already worked with some big clients, such as AT&T, Rue21, Liverpool, and more as an E-commerce backend developer. I wanted to learn a broader scope of an E-commerce platform and that's exactly what the DeepSense Data Analytics Readiness Program has taught me.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University


Areas of Interest
eCommerce & web development

“The Data Analytics Readiness program has given me the opportunity to understand the diverse business in ocean sector. It’s also helped me to learn on-demand technology stack. Apart from this, it also helped me in designing the analytics and dashboards showing data visualizations and more. This internship has not only made me aware of the in the ocean sector in general, but it has helped me realize that there is a lot of scope in this sector and tons of career possibilities; my experience has helped me to understand how the ocean sector is useful to run the business and its possibilities with E-commerce.”

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