vanshi negandhi

I'm from Mumbai, India, and recently completed my Masters of Information. Over the course of my academic and professional endeavors, I have developed a solid grounding in data analysis and management, facilitating me to competently approach intricate issues and provide insightful solutions. I am passionate about using data to discover new insights and enhance decision-making. My hobbies comprise swimming, cycling, cooking, and singing. I enjoy dabbling in fashion and modelling in my free time.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University

Superyacht East Coast

Areas of Interest
Business analysis, artificial intelligence, and data management

“This internship has increased my interest in the marine sector. I have always desired to make a positive effect in business circles with my analytical skills. I was fortunate to gain hands-on experience with real data. I learned about AIS data, how vessels work, how many vessel movements occur in the ocean, and the various ports. My research involved learning about ports overseas and how the AIS systems function.”

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