Shree Rama Kamal Kumar Vegu

I am originally from Visakhapatnam, India. Growing up by the coast fostered a deep emotional connection with the sea, where rhythmic waves and vibrant marine life ignited my fascination with the aquatic world. This fascination and being a gold medalist in my Bachelor's in Computer Science, led me to pursue a Master's of Computer Science Thesis program in Canada at Dalhousie University, and engage in marine research activities. Prior to this academic journey, I worked as a Lead Robotic Process Automation and Data Scientist Engineer at several multinational companies, enriching my practical experience in the field. When not immersed in analytics, I enjoy hiking, surfing, exploring coastlines and embracing the calming influence of the ocean's presence.

Academic Institution
Dalhousie University


Areas of Interest
AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Visual Analytics, Data Visualization, and NLP 

“This experience has shifted my perspective on the ocean sector. It’s clear that skills in computer science, data analysis, and machine learning are invaluable here, not just marine biology. The potential for AI to drive transformative change is profound. Collaboration between tech and science can pave the way for more sustainable practices.”

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