Vrushank Changawala

I'm from India. I enjoy checking out new restaurants, traveling, and watching documentaries. Sports-wise, I'm into cricket and football. What really excites me is the potential of self-driving cars; I can't stand the hassle of driving in traffic. I manifest a future where I can just relax while the car takes care of the driving. I completed my bachelor's in computer engineering. During that time, I interned at a sports-tech startup, where I worked on analyzing video footage of Volleyball and American Football to provide coaches with valuable player and game insights. Following that, I joined another startup focused on Computer Vision, where we offered vendors and businesses like Asos, Walmart, and Moladin a seamless cataloging experience.

Academic Institution
Master of Applied Computer Science, Dalhousie University


Areas of Interest
Computer Vision, Generative AI, Distributed Computing

“Being in Canada opened my eyes to how AI can shake things up in the ocean sector. I didn’t realize before that there’s a ton of ocean data but not enough tools to make sense of it. There’s a gap compared to other industries. I’ve seen a need for things like automation, data analysis, and time-series analysis. Lately, startups are tackling big problems in sustainable fishing and ocean tech. It’s really exciting, and I’m keen to be part of the action and help fill in those blanks. “

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